To glorify God and bring joy to others by making disciples who enjoy and express the light, life, and love of Christ.

Who We Are

A community of Christ followers who share God’s life and mission together.

What We Believe

Simply put, we believe there is one true God, the holy creator and sustainer of all things, who has revealed himself in history ultimately in the person of Jesus Christ. Through Jesus alone, God has made it possible for us to be freed from our sins, rescued from death, and adopted into a loving relationship with Him as His own children.

Click here for our complete statement of faith.

What We Do

We seek to bring glory to God and joy to others by making disciples of Jesus Christ. We do this intentionally in many ways from the ‘street to the sanctuary’.

Street Where we communicate and demonstrate the gospel in a variety of ways in our communities.
Sofa Where we share and cooperate in smaller ‘Life Groups’ to encourage one another and bless our communities.
Sanctuary Where we celebrate the gospel publicly in the weekly assembly of His people – preaching, teaching, singing, and commemorating Christ’s person and work.

How To Join With Us

If you are already a Christian who is seeking to engage with us in the life and mission of Christ we’re honored that you would consider joining our fellowship. Here’s the process:

  1. Get to know us. Attend our weekly worship gatherings, visit one of our Life Groups, or simply grab a coffee with one of our pastors.
  2. Register for the ‘Fellowship Foundations’ classes. These are held seasonally and will help you make an informed decision on how to proceed. We cover 4 main topics: Who we are, what we believe, what we do, and what we expect.
  3. Complete a Membership application and be interviewed. While becoming a member of a local church is not a job, as in any healthy organization, it involves a commitment to mutual accountability: member to member, and the whole church to Christ.
  4. After your application is accepted by the elders, there’s a welcome from the entire congregation, and a vibrant partnership in furthering the gospel locally and globally.

If you’re not yet a Christian, and would like to explore this faith, hope and love in Jesus Christ, here is how you can begin:

  1. Get to know us. Attend our weekly worship gatherings, visit one of our LifeGroups, or simply grab a coffee with one of our pastors.
  2. Ask us about the gospel. It’s our favorite topic and we would be glad to help answer your questions.
  3. Register for our ‘Fellowship Foundations’ course, offered seasonally.

Our doors are open to anyone from any background. All are welcome!

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