Girls Night // Guys Night

At this event you get to decide (the week before) what we do (with your male or female leaders) and then you get to do that with the other guys or the other girls in the group. Good times! We will also be learning from Ephesians 5:22-32 on what God has to say about a healthy marriage.

Crazy Sports Night

Lots of sports. But not normal sports – crazy sports. Just not too crazy. We will also be teaching on the oh-so-important topic of teens obeying and honouring their parents – Ephesians 6:1-4.

Youth Night: Easter Week

Tonight we want to ask the question – where was Jesus on Thursday night before he was crucified on Friday? This youth evening will be less active and more reflective as we prepare for Good Friday.

Bottle Drive Prep

This youth evening we will be splitting into teams and with a leader, handing out bottle drive notices in the neighbourhoods around the church so people will be ready for us on Saturday April 22, 2017.

Bottle Drive

We will meet at the church at 9:30am. Show up on time because we will be heading out into the neighbourhood right away! We will do two long sweeps with trucks, collecting bottles for May Camp through the areas we have given notice to. Bring a bagged lunch. We will have lunch after the first “sweep” when we return the trucks to the church. Please get in touch…

Adventure Games

We are going back in time. Medieval period. Get ready for a massive wide game outside. Wear clothes that you can get dirty in. Wear shoes that feel like armored boots. You could even wear a cape and face paint. It’s going to be awesome. We are also looking at one of the most epic passages of Scripture – Ephesians 6:10-24 – where we learn about spiritual…