Posts from January 2016

Posts from January 2016

The Conclusion of the Matter

Service Date:  January 24, 2016 Speaker:   Mark Evans Text:   Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 What we are going to discover is that knowing how the story ends will come to bear on how your story develops even today.   Click below to hear more. The Conclusion of the Matter

How God Grows Our Soul

Service Date:  January 10, 2016 Speaker:   Ben Reed Text:   Acts 26:12-20 Our testimony is an amazing place where we get to encounter the gospel of Jesus Christ. The scriptures prophesied that He would come and take our sin on His shoulders so that if we would believe in Him, we would find eternal life as we joyfully surrender ourselves and follow where He leads us.…

More Than A Miracle Worker

Service Date:  January 3, 2016 Speaker:   Pastor Jason Hagen Text:   Luke 4:31-44 Luke tells us Christ’s teaching was unlike anything anyone had heard – it astonished people because it came with authority. Of course that authority was expressed and authenticated in the miracles He performed, but Luke is pointing to simply how Christ taught. It was unlike…