Tim Nissly

Tim Nissly

Tim was born into a ministry home in Northwest Indiana. He spent most of his life between Indiana and Pennsylvania as his dad moved between ministry posts.  His parents divorce, among other things, led their family to a church where God met him in his self-righteousness and drew him to repentance and belief in the Gospel. God gloriously saved Tim and almost immediately called him to missions. Tim spent the next 13 years working construction and driving truck while training for ministry.

During this time he enrolled in Northland International University with a double major in Bible and Missions Aviation. Being a pastor was something he never thought God would call him to.  However, after one semester of Bible school, God clearly called him to vocational ministry and he changed his major to missions the next year. It was also during this time in Bible school that Tim met Leah and they were married in 2002.

As part of a ministry internship, God led Tim and Leah to Edmonton in 2003. After completing his internship Tim and Leah moved from Edmonton to Kansas City, MO where Tim completed a masters degree in Pastoral Theology. In 2006 God led them back to Edmonton where Tim spent the next 13 years as a pastor/church planter. In 2018 the Lord led Tim and Leah away from full-time ministry where he and Leah started a business to support their family while remaining involved in the life and mission of the local church. During this time, God led them to FBC to worship and serve. 

In 2020, Fellowship Baptist Church affirmed Tim as an elder and in the spring of 2022 the church called him as a vocational elder.

Tim and Leah have 5 incredible children and deeply love serving God’s church and mission together. Tim is most passionate about his family (1st), missions (2nd), and hunting (a close 3rd). He also delights in helping men fulfill God’s calling on them to be faithful and vigilant soldiers of Jesus Christ who sacrifice their lives to love and lead their families.

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